Spring Garden

Hi everyone! Its been so long since my last post – I’ve been busy to say the least!

Anyway, its currently spring in Australia, and Sydney doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind in September – one minute its raining, then sunny and hot, then cold and windy. Its hard to dress for.


Garden fairy vibes?

In this outfit I’m wearing a bardot crop top (could we describe it as puffy?) from Glassons, my Topshop mom jeans that featured in my last post lol, and a yellow neck scarf. I thought it was a cute combo, although I ended up being too hot in my jeans.

IMG_5165.JPG(peep me trying to look cute!!)

I thought this outfit had a nice, casual spring feeling about it! I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my photos – although its hard trying to be the photographer and subject of the photo at the same time!

Ok, thats it for today, I really will try to be more regular with this blog stuff! I need to start documenting all the makeup stuff I do!

Thanks for reading – have a lovely day! X

Tourist in Sydney

Hey everyone!

So, I’m back to reality following my little Europe adventure! I currently have some friends from England staying with my family, and I took them to look around Sydney CBD.

I got this little grey crop top from Brandy Melville when I was in Amsterdam and I really love it. I like that its ribbed and extra cropped. I think it looks so cute! My jacket, jeans and pom pom socks are from Topshop.

I’m currently looking for a cool new pair of black trainers, so if anyone has any cool ideas, let me know.

Thanks, love, bye!



My third stop on my quick Europe tour was Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fun fact – I used to live here! After coming from two beautifully warm cities (Madrid and Paris were both roughly 30 degrees Celsius everyday), Amsterdam was a bit of a shock! It was pretty chilly and rainy, and I hadn’t come prepared for that.

Day 1 in Amsterdam. The weather on the first day wasn’t actually too bad. I don’t usually post mirror selfies but, I got my little yellow crop top in the sale at Urban Outfitters in Paris. I love it! My sister wearing her striped trousers again which I love (anything stripey is super cool and I love it), and her shirt has a little lemon on it which is so cool too. I wouldn’t usually post food either but just look at how good all that looks!


Day 2. I was cold. Luckily I had my long sleeve waffle top from Glassons which looked pretty cool under my dress. Also I tied one of my new silk scarves round my head which I thought was cute too (again, I recommend a silk scarf. So versatile!).


Day 3. Another mirror selfie and I was cold again. T-shirts over long sleeve shirts are so cool! I bought the vest in a shop called Brandy Melville, they had so many nice tops I wanted them all!

None of these pictures are very impressive. I also had to improvise with my clothes to ty and be as warm as I could!

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon!


Hi again!

So, from Madrid we flew to Paris, and let me tell you, Iย love Paris! The weather was beautiful, the architecture was beautiful and the food was so good! It was also so exciting being able to speak some French!

My outfit from Paris day 1. The shirt is from Topshop, it says ‘La femme’ obviously, because when in France..! My skirt is from Pull & Bear, which we don’t have in Australia so that was very exciting! It was on sale, so I got it for 10 euros, roughly 15 Australian dollars – what a freaking good deal! It has little embroidered bees on it.

Day 2 outfit, we went to museums and other landmark places. My dress is from City Beach and is so cute. I think my sister’s outfit is either from Topshop or Urban Outfitters. Also, you’ll notice I have my little backpack in many of these pictures, its from Sportsgirl and is very useful.


Day 3 (not me nor the best picture of my sister, but I loved her outfit). We don’t have Urban Outfitters in Sydney so we had a field day in Paris. I got some cute tops which I’ll share at some point. My sister looks like sunshine in this! Yellow is definitely one of my favourite colours.

That’s it for Paris, I’ll definitely be going back there one day! Next up is Amsterdam, I’ll post again in a few days. Love bye!


Hi everyone!

As previously mentioned, I went on a little tip to Europe over these last two weeks, so it’s time for me to share my experience!

Firstly, I went to Madrid, Spain. It was so nice to be in hot weather again since it’s winter in Sydney and cold!! Although, it was incredibly tricky not knowing any Spanish, the only thing I knew was ‘gracias.’ The food was so, so good in Madrid, YUM

This was my outfit for my first day exploring, pretty boring but it kept me cool, and it looked alright! I’m not even sure where that top is from, but the shorts are Levi’s from a market I went to. Notice the bottle of water I’m holding in every picture – staying hydrated is KEY.

I was in Madrid for two days, but I forgot to take a picture of my second outfit. I’ve actually posted it before (in the ‘A Summer’s Day’ post), but I added a little extra with a silk scarf tied around my neck. I think those scarves are really cool.

I posted a picture on my Instagram of me by the pool in Madrid, you can see it on the sidebar so I won’t post it again, but my bikini is from Elsa and Rose Swimwear, I would definitely recommend them – they’re so freaking cute!

Ok that’s it for Madrid, I’ll post my next location in a few days or so. If you’re not following one of my Instagram accounts (either @izzybuiltalook or @izzybuiltt) you’re not really living at all! Ok, love you bye.

Casual Saturday

Hello again everyone! I hope you’re well.

I’m done with school for three weeks and I’m off to Europe on Tuesday, so I’ll try and get loads of looks for you! Yesterday I had a lovely, chill day with my dad and sister – fish and chips on the beach kinda day.

I had no reason to dress up, but I really liked this outfit I put together.IMG_3566.JPG

A basic white crop top with a tie-up blouse from Luck and Trouble, my black Jamie jeans from Topshop and my gorgeous wedges are from Topshop too. My little handbag is from Kate SpadeIMG_3579.JPG

Casual, cute and stylish. I think this blouse would look really nice with a lace bralette or something similar.

That’s it for this post. Make sure you follow my Instagram @izzybuiltalook for cool updates!

Pretty in Plaid (And Pink!)

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well!

On Monday I went to a friend’s birthday breakfast and I reallyย loved my outfit:


It’s currently winter here in Australia, so it’s pretty cold. Since I’m originally a Northern Hemisphere girl, I find all the seasons being backwards tricky, especially when trying to follow seasonal trends. However, I did some research again, and according to Harper’s Bazaar, one of the top trends for autumn/winter fashion is Saville Row fabrics (basically meaning plaid). I bought these cute plaid ankle grazer pants from Glassons.


My top is also from Glassons and is made from a waffle textured fabric. This is a really useful top to have, especially for chilly days. It can either be worn by itself (like I have in this outfit), or could be worn underneath a cool t-shirt. I’ve paired this outfit with my trademark frilly white socks and my beloved Adidas Superstars.

Side note: I’m really into cute socks at the moment!! I think socks can be such an effective addition to any look – I definitely need to invest in some more socks and I encourage you to do the same!


My pink corduroy is thrifted from a market (Glebe markets to be precise for anyone interested).

Thank you for reading this, I hope you like it!

See you next time!